Mysore gave me friends for life, is amazing how can it be such a life changer place, or travel or experience, it definitely change my life in a very good way.

My first blog post was related with how I chose the path of yoga above all what was happening in that moment, basically to change my job; and how I decided to just change it all.

I was so scared of everything back then, of every story regarding India and its sex offenders statistics, the fact that I was about to leave my amazing relationship for two months and well, everything else, because all of it was uncertain in every single aspect.

This post is dedicated to my lovely girls next door, or as it is better to say, my friends next door, and how destiny is so random and so wise.

So, after the whole “I am so scared” situation of getting to Mysore, in the middle of the night/morning I finally got to my destination, my home for a month.

I got there on a Sunday early morning and my flatmates were still sleeping, so instantly I went to my bed and stayed there for the following…. large amount of… next hours.

I woke up as thirsty as a puppy after playing, and went out of my room to find some of that marvelous liquid called water.

When I opened the door Reneé was there. I have no idea how my face looked like, but based on Renee’s face not as lovely as I remembered hahahaha

She said hi and point me where to get water and eventually buy groceries.

Later, on my way to buy something to eat I met Megan.

I know now that the time we spent there was, in every single aspect, simply marvelous.

Also I meet Michelle, Reneé’s best friend that stayed with us for some days; and make good friends with Agustina and Micaela from Argentina.

My whole “red team” was a dream team, so many amazing people. friends dinner


Reneé is from Cape Town, South Africa, she is a beautiful blond, super fit, she loves to exercise and make a statement of being a woman, we discovered our love for Kino McGregor, she suffered a lot because of some injury she was carrying from before and still didn’t miss any single practice.

An authentic fighter, traveler and sweet person that taught me the only two Afrikaans words that I know and whom hopefully I will visit in her current location, Botswana.

Megan is from Canberra, Australia; specialized in pretty much everything based on her short time here on Earth, she is an amazing vegan cooker, and with the ingredients in India, you have to imagine the amazing dishes I was lucky to taste; a great massage therapist, great photographer, which I owe most of the amazing pics of Agoyoga and currently still traveling around Asia.

lovely friends

Reneé & Megan

Imagine how is destiny that a Mexican girl like me, met these two friends for life from the other end of the world and the bond we have is for life now.

I felt confident and joyful with my girlfriends; the girls that became my family and the ones that made me have an idea on my own of such a beautiful travel, place, people, food that I experienced in India.

I am nothing but grateful for such an experience, I miss you girls every day and now that my lovely girls from Barcelona are living their own experience in Mysore I feel nostalgic, bur also very thankful for the one I lived, I really knew back then that I was living what I wanted and I was living it exactly the way it should’ve be, with you, mis niñas hermosas!

May all your dreams come true, wherever you are, we will see each other again, hopefully very very soon.

This is what yoga gave me, one of the facts that made me fall in t love yoga and you?